Enjoy South Tyrol’s highlights

Each day is a highlight

The Ahrntal Valley is a setting for international events which have a special panache when it comes to pleasure, art and sports. Treat yourself to special experiences and celebrate with a variety of highlights in South Tyrol.

Enjoy some culinary indulgence and be superbly entertained at the cheese festival. Take in the region’s classic cuisine and street food in Tures. At wonderfully designed stands South Tyrolean exclusive delicious treats are whipped up outdoors. Sample fresh, quality foods from the region, whose provenance you can be sure of.

Cutting a fine figure. Highlights in South Tyrol

Discover the widely recognised creative potential of South Tyrol. Countless hours of work, endeavour and a great deal of talent are required to create art works which inspire others.

Experience art on the mountain or in the valley, in museums, the natural surroundings or during one of the events around our hotels in South Tyrol. At the snow sculpture festival on the Klausberg the lovely ice formations fit perfectly into the idyllic surroundings up at 2510 metres. Stories are told, legendary creatures created and current themes from media and film are embraced.

The International wood-carvers symposium is organised with a great deal of thought – an artistic highlight in the Ahrntal Valley. Figures, carved, cut and rasped from wooden blocks, come to life as the sculptor attentively sets to work.

Be inspired by these impressive figures. There is so much to see, be amazed at and to experience with the highlights in South Tyrol.

Over stick and stone. Sporty highlights in South Tyrol

The Ahrntal Valley is the activity realm in the heart of South Tyrol. Sporty people from all over the world love the atmosphere in this region between the Zillertal Alps and the Dolomites. It isn’t at all surprising that the Ahrntal Valley is used as a venue for international competitions – in summer and in winter alike.

The Gore-Tex Transalpine run is one of the most difficult events for runners. Starting in southern Germany, the participants have to prove themselves on a demanding route across the Ahrntal Valley into the Dolomites. Spectators get to experience an exciting race here, while the athletes get to enjoy a unique natural backdrop.

There is so much organised around our hotels in South Tyrol throughout the year – lively parties, all those big sporting events and cultural sights. Look forward to a holiday in the Ahrntal Valley, the valley of the three-thousand metre mountains, and experience all the highlights in South Tyrol.