Your holiday in Bressanone

One town, two essences

Our guests talk about twin inspirations when they recount their holiday in Bressanone. The town and the mountains really are rich in variety. The oldest town in Tyrol is Baroque in style, yet at the same time it moves with the pulse of the times. Here Old Tyrolean traditions meet the culture of Italian pleasure, 300 days of sunshine a year in an Alpine climate.

Hundreds of years ago it was still a destination to which the emperor travelled and a magnificent diocesan town, now Bressanone has become a town which has a modern infrastructure, in which historic buildings and genuine South Tyrolean customs find common ground.

The only cathedral square in the Alps, a proportionately large Old Town with medieval character, exciting museums and lots of smaller and bigger sights shape the townscape.

Experience Bressanone off your own bat or on an informative tour of the town – we are happy to organise a tour through Bressanone which is just an hour’s drive from our hotels in South Tyrol.

Bressanone – fantastic shopping too. If you want to feel a bit of Alpine lifestyle and a soupcon of Italian, the range of contemporary shops and distinctive handcrafts shop will fill you with inspiration. In Bressanone you stroll through arbours, fosses and winding, fairy-tale-like streets. Take a bit of time and visit this historic city in Tyrol.

En vogue for centuries – a holiday in Bressanone

Museo Diocesano Hofburg is impressive with its wonderful ambience, highlighted by with Baroque and also of the Renaissance elements. The loveliest thing is the evening guided tour through the old localities, beneath the starry sky and with wine tasting afterwards.

Indeed, Bressanone inspires with its variety-packed programme and unconventional sights. Get an interesting insight into the world of medicines in the Pharmacy Museum – the exhibits place particular emphasis upon the production of healing elements derived from the earth.

Those of you who love immense buildings and spiritual hubs will be delighted with Bressanone’s Cathedral and the historic cloister. The cathedral in particular, originally built in 980 yet which has lived through various epochs over the centuries, is evidence of the Tyrolean people’s strengths in spiritual matters and in handcrafts.

Gourmets feel especially great in South Tyrol. In Bressanone the symbiosis of delicious Mediterranean and Alpine foods is underlined particularly appetizing fashion. Various events based around bread, strudel pastries & wine tempt you to enjoy wonderful moments through-out the year and to social get-togethers.

A winter highlight – Christmas market with its illuminated stands, where you can gaze in wonder at all the handcrafted items, enjoy culinary specialities and let the unique atmosphere of winter of Bressanone take effect upon you.

Be excited – the oldest city in Tyrol is an excursion destination which you stay in your memory for a long time to come. Look forward to your holiday in Bressanone.