Your holiday in the Dolomites

South Tyrol on the Top

The loveliest mountains in the world enchant, revitalise and define the natural surroundings in South Tyrol. The Dolomites are a part of the Southern Limestone Alps, providing inspiration with their surreal rock formations and towering some 3400 metres into the skies.

The highest mountain in the Dolomites is the Marmolata, a popular climbing mountain and mighty massif whose peak is some 3342 metres above sea level. Other world-renowned giants are the Tre Cime di Lavaredo, the Catinaccio, the Sassolungo and the Sella – all these mountains are within an hour’s drive of our hotels in South Tyrol.

The Dolomites are rightly a UNESCO World Heritage Site and are a vibrant emblem of the state. Named after geologist Déodat de Dolomieu, the Dolomites have long been an important source of energy for the land and its people. Set out in the footsteps of famous Alpinists and freethinkers – nowhere else can you hike, cycle, go skiing, walking and dreaming anywhere so impressive.

Legendary on the mountain. Your holiday in the Dolomites

As well as the impressive beauty, the culture of language in the Dolomites is also worthy of note. Here and there people converse in Ladin, a Romanic dialect. The people, just like the mountains, enjoy a reputation of individuality.

Visit the villages in the Dolomites – your tour might start out at the foot of the Tre Cime di Lavaredo or even closer to us in the nature park in Fanes. In summer on hiking trails and mountain bike trails, in winter on skis or snowboarding – the Dolomites provide o many attractions which inspire the hearts of those who enjoy leisure sports. Look forward to sunny hikes, winter excursions, splendid displays of colours when the sun goes down and rock massifs which are as filled with character as the country itself. You will be amazed at how much our region has to offer.

Enjoy your time with us in the Ahrntal Valley and treat yourself to an excursion to what is probably one the of the loveliest mountain massifs in the world – your holiday in the Dolomites.