Predoi Mines in the Ahrntal Valley

Impressive underground realms

We have always been fascinated by the undiscovered, the hidden and the seemingly unattainable. In Predoi Mines you get right up close to this alluring force. Venture into the inner depths of the mountains in the Ahrntal Valley – where an impressive underground adventure awaits.

Since 1400 the Rötbach Waterfall bestowed upon the region an economic boom thanks to the mining of copper ore, which was smelted and processed by the dynamic South Tyrolean people. The distinctive malleability of the copper meant it could be processed into wire which was required throughout the country and beyond.

But in 1893 mining operations were increasingly reduced since the copper stocks were coming to an end. Nonetheless mining never lost its magic over the centuries. In 1957 a few visionaries decided to re-open the caves and to build up business again with fine metals – unfortunately this euphoria lasted only a few years. Since the 1990s the St. Ignaz Erbstollen have been show caves and invite you to come and explore this impressive realm.

Tours through the mysterious dark realm of the Predoi Mines

Step in and be amazed! Take a seat in one of the two wagons which take you from Grubenbahnhof right inside the mountains. Via an old rope winch you proceed through the 250 metre circuit through the caves, where you get to see and sense what life in the mines was like at that time.

Guided by experts you get to experience what it was like in the cave – and you get see how much water and the ton-weight of cargo the miners brought to the surface.

Since it is cool in the mountain we recommend that all visitors bring warm clothing. Safety jackets and helmets are of course provided free of charge in Predoi Mines.