Tures Castle in the Ahrntal Valley

Knightly accolades in South Tyrol

Even today people in the Ahrntal Valley talk about the secrets and legends of one of the most impressive castles in South Tyrol – Tures castle.

Walls metres high, built by hand – stone by stone -, the tower which in times past served as a defence and the giant drawbridge are what set this impressive monument high above Tures apart. By way of contrast a well-tended garden graces this stone fortification – charming and romantic at the same time.

Did an intrepid knight from the lower nobility court a damsel here once upon a time? The gentlemen of Tures were known as the free aristocrats and they achieved a great deal in the state of Tyrol, but the castle feel into different hands in 1340. The end was so mysterious and it is so lovely to enjoy a guided tour of Tures Castle which has excellently preserved working rooms, a blacksmith’s workshop in the courtyard, a cold store, defensive corridors, former great hall and a bunker to protect the castle inhabitants. Follow in the footsteps of history.

The time of dominion at Tures Castle

In the castle, as well as there being rooms where you can stroll around freely in, you can also go on a guided tour of the courtroom, the infirmary, a sublime knights’ hall, armoury chamber, a castle chapel, spiritual rooms, library, a late Gothic administrative office and the torture chamber.

Visitors find the torture chamber and the knights’ hall in particular inspiring. Choose from an individual sightseeing tour, or an informative guided tour through the chambers of this wonderful castle.

Tures Castle also tempts you to enjoy cultural events and interesting exhibits, while throughout the year delicious foods and regional specialities are served in the castle inn. Enter into the magic of Tures Castle.