Ice-climbing in South Tyrol

Inspirational rock faces & ice

Challenge and adrenaline, a highlight and incomparable lift – ice-climbing in South Tyrol is an extreme sport which exacts skill, experience in Alpine surroundings and discipline.

It is not just professionals, inquisitive explorers also get to enjoy this superb experience in the natural surroundings in the company of experts. The Ahrntal Valley is rightly regarded as an Alpine stronghold and an absolute focal point for climbers of all ability levels. Impressive ice falls and the Angerer ice climbing garden mark out the region as a top destination for thrills and an exciting sporting adventure.

Eleven different routes grace the Angerer climbing crag in Riva di Tures in Campo Tures – from the ‘longweilig’ route - WI 2 difficulty level - to the ‘S’Dachl’ professional route - M7 level - ice climbers, from beginners to advanced level, get to surpass themselves. 18 additional ice falls distributed throughout the valley show just how rich in diversity this extreme sport in South Tyrol is.

A genuine adventurous highlight with real pros. Ice-climbing in South Tyrol

Sure-footed, you scale the ice walls, step by step and grip by grip, with an experienced mountain guide. As a premium location for ice climbers, the Ahrntal Valley is home to numerous pros who can provide you with valuable insider tips, the best equipment and a bit of mettle – they take you to the loveliest ice falls.

Our hotels in South Tyrol are the perfect base camp for all your tours in the region. Within a half hour’s drive you can get to Lappago gorge ice fall, the Eppach ice fall, Franziskus ice fall, Galerie icefall, the Jahrzahlwand and the Wasserkopf-Nordwand. Has your interest been piqued? And would you like to practice this exacting sport? We are happy to take care of the minutiae and will book the best mountain guides in the Ahrntal Valley for you. Fulfil your dream of ice-climbing in South Tyrol.