Dinoland Klausberg

Back to the mysterious prehistoric times

Pre-historic giants transform the Klausberg. The mighty Tyrannosaurus Rex, Stegosaurus, Dimetrodon, Triceratops and Ceratosaurus, in life-size format, amaze little skiing aces in the midst of this skiing mountain.

Who will venture between the awe-inspiring dinosaurs in a course which promises lots of action, with whoops, steep bends and little boxes for jumping, sliding and racing? Even young freestylers can show what they are made of here.

Be inspired by thrills when the cry: ‘The dinosaurs are on the loose!’ resounds – and you are in the thick of it all!

Surprise from far-off worlds –Dinoland Klausberg

Who would have thought it? The hefty reptiles have impressively found their way to the snow-covered Ahrntal Valley ... and show – on the unique ‘Dino Fun-Line’ - , how all this came into existence.

Travel on the ‘Dino Fun-Line’ is of course free of charge if you have your ski pass for the Klausberg. So snap on your skis and discover the inspirational realm of these prehistoric inhabitants.

Experience a ski holiday for yourself in the Ahrntal adventure region – we are happy to reserve your ski tickets exclusively for you to secure your entry to Dinoland Klausberg.