Klausberg ski school

More than just a ski school

Children’s imaginations are piqued. In winter too – the Klausberg awaits with a very special programme of events - as exuberant and lively, as adventure-loving and maybe even as bold as little ones are – in the Klausiland adventure realm even the most audacious dreams come true.

The dinosaurs are on the loose, a magic carpet carries young adventurers across the mountain, the Klausi Express transports them from one highlight to another, the Klausi Castle is a fortress for the little damsels and knights of our hearts; slides provide fun, while talented youngsters get to compete on the ‘Witches’ slalom’ and explore the snow igloo.

In short, there is so much fun and games to enjoy while skiing with us in the Ahrntal Valley. Laughing out of sheer joy, having fun during every new game, lovely supervisors and children’s ski instructors who see to it that their little charges are safe and secure, well looked-after and that they feel good with their many new friends.

Children blossom – in the Klausberg ski school

The most family-friendly ski area in Italy inspires with its authentic, educationally-sound supervision for children. If you want to enjoy a relaxing ski holiday, place your children in the trust of the supervisors in the ski kindergarten.

You know your children will be in the best of hands here, while you get to enjoy some superb fun on the pistes. Every day between 9.00 a.m. and 4.00 p.m. everything revolves around your youngsters in Klausiland. They get to play, learn, eat and laugh a lot together.

Weekly courses take place in the Junior Club for 6 to 12-year olds and also in the Teens Club for those aged between 12 and 17. Each day starts with an extensive programme of skiing and activities.

One real highlight at the end of the course is the ski race and the prize giving afterwards. Experience skiing fun with all the family – with us in the Ahrntal Valley and in the Klausberg ski school.